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Daily Routine - Free Download

Daily Routine - Free Download

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My visualised intention to live life from an authentic place, the heart. To ground and connect myself, so I can live a full life with pure intentions and relationships. To look at the world with endless gratitude and passion🙏🏼❤️ how beautiful would life be when we can walk through it with such grace🌿

When setting intentions and creating new habits I try to envision how I would love to move through life in the future. Who do I want to be, what does that feel like? 🌸

I find it so hard to sometimes stick to new routines, and implement new habits, setting intentions helps to motivate me ✨So i created a free download for you all, to remind you of your intentions and create a supportive morning routine. Print it out, add your schedule and hang it somewhere you can see it every day and every morning ❤️

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